Frequently Asked Questions

What are the training workshops?

If you are new to Drupal or wish to explore a topic in-depth, you should consider registering for one of our workshops. They cost a little bit extra, but they’re very, very good.

Check out the list of workshops to see if one interests you.

Why is the event a "camp"?

DrupalCamp Austin is called a “camp” to emphasize the unconference style of the event. Unconferences are more casual than most conferences and are usually organized and attended by members of a local community. The name originates from BarCamp, a popular community-driven unconference.

Where is DrupalCamp Austin?

This year DrupalCamp Austin is being held at the Austin Convention Center. You can find more information about the program and venue on our about page.

When is DrupalCamp Austin?

This year DrupalCamp Austin is taking place June 21-23, 2013. You can find more information about the program and venue on our about page.

What is DrupalCamp Austin?

It’s a three-day conference for web professionals, enthusiasts, and business types. Most of the content will Drupal-specific, but there will also be presentations related to more general web technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript.

What is Drupal?

We thought you’d never ask! :)

Drupal is an open-source content management system and web application framework. You can use it to build websites to power your organization, non-profit, intranet, Facebook clone, telescopic array, or media empire. Learn more at

My company/organization doesn’t allow me to pay by credit card. Can I pay with a check?

Yes, when registering through Eventbrite, there is an option to pay by check, as well as information regarding where to send it. Once we’ve received your check, we will mark you as a paid attendee in the system.

How much does it cost to attend?

Registration is only $65 and includes breakfast, all-day coffee and drinks, and full access to all sessions and keynotes.

We will also be offering training workshops. These workshops cost extra but offer focused training in a small classroom setting from some of the world’s top Drupal talent.

Register via Eventbrite!

Can I get a discounted ticket if I can only attend one day?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer single-day or discounted tickets. However, we feel that the cost is low enough that attending just one day is still a great deal!

I need to register several people at once. How do I buy in bulk?

Eventbrite allows you to buy as many registrations as you need. When you register, the system will ask you for each attendee’s information (name, email, etc.). This information is important because it will help us find your tickets on the day of the event.