DrupalCamp Austin website is now Open Source!

We’re continuing to experiment with the DrupalCamp Austin website, so we’re excited to announce that we’ve open sourced the whole thing!

Why bother doing this? Well, it means that as of right now YOU can make any change to the site that you want. This certainly isn’t the first time a conference has done this, but we like the idea and think the site should be in the hands of the entire community rather than just a few organizers. Go nuts!

How can I make a change?

The repository is available on GitHub so if you’re comfy with GitHub Pull Requests, feel free to clone and send a PR our way. If you need some help GitHub has some great docs that walk through the process:

Thanks for helping!

As our small way of saying thanks, we’ve set up a contributor list on the credits page. As soon as your pull request gets merged, your lovely mug will automatically show up in that list. Pretty neat, huh?

Questions or comments? Give us a shout on Twitter or use our contact page.