First ever Geek Trivia Night

On Friday 6/21, we’re wrapping up the first day of the camp with our first ever Geek Trivia Night! But, how does it work?

If you’ve ever attended one of the North American DrupalCons, or any of the regional DrupalCamps, you may have attended Drupal trivia. Well, our trivia night is not like that, because the questions aren’t about Drupal.

Instead, Geek Trivia Night will test your overall knowledge on a variety of topics like history, pop culture, music, TV, film, and the internet. It’s basically a pop quiz on things you actually know – plus awesome prizes.

How it works

All teams must be a maximum of 6 people. There is no minimum number for a team, unless that number is 0 because you’re not here :)

Teams are registered at trivia night You do not need to register your team in advance. Team names will be registered once trivia starts. Do arrive a little early to pick a good spot!

Walk-ins will be welcome! If you haven’t made up your mind, do know walk-ins for trivia will be welcome, space permitting.

Bring your friends! Though Geek Trivia Night is brought to you by DrupalCamp Austin, everyone is welcome! Bring your non-Drupal friends and show them how cool our community is!


The following companies have generously agreed to donate prizes for trivia night: Github, O’Reilly, Pragmatic Programmer, Texas Monthly, and Chez Zee.

We hope to see you there!

And seriously, feel free to RSVP, even if your team is not full yet.

Thanks to Volacci, our Geek Trivia Night sponsor.