Build your own Drupal API site

Presenters: Ron Northcutt

Oh noes! is down… or I am on a plane… or I don’t have a wifi connection… how can I look up the details on that hook/function/class that I need?

Never fear - you can easily build a local version of the API site yourself, and access it whenever you like! As a bonus, you can include all of the contrib modules you commonly use… AND any custom code or modules you use!

In this session, we will talk about how to setup your own API site locally as well as how to properly comment your own custom code so that it can be parsed and included as well. Not only will this provide you with a powerful tool in your quest to become a master Drupal dev, it will also help you write better code.

We will build the API site in real time, so feel free to follow along on your own.