Commerce Kickstart 2: Tips and Tricks

Presenters: Josh Miller

Built on top of Drupal Commerce, Commerce Kickstart 2.0 is a distribution of Drupal that installs a demo store out of the box, implementing a variety of eCommerce best practices and improving the store administrator user experience. It is feature-rich, including numerous contributed modules that add helpful functionality to Drupal Commerce.

In addition to examining the feature set of the core framework and the distribution, Josh Miller (a Commerce Guy since 2012, who worked on the team that brought us Kickstart 2) will cover challenges and strategies for preparing and launching live sites with Kickstart 2.x, adding additional features, and integrating third party services.

Including, but not limited to the following:

  • Learning using the Demo Store vs. Launching using Kickstart 2
  • Customizing the Search API faceted search
  • Exploring the Commerce Backoffice interface (quick editing, inline editing)
  • Creating our own product type
  • Using Oauth to allow customers sign up using Twitter / Facebook
  • Working with the Taxonomy-based catalog menu links

and more!