Cross-platform apps

Presenters: Michael Favia, Dane Macaulay

We’ll discuss and demonstrate some best practices for creating compelling cross platform apps for IOS and Android using modern web technologies you already use (HTML/CSS/JS) and the Drupal website you already have.

This talk will be technical in nature but should be valuable to stakeholders and developers alike.

We’ll start with an existing drupal site (for content and user authentication) and a healthy sense of adventure. With the help of a few opensource plugins along the way we’ll parlay what we have into a fully functional native application for 7 different mobile platforms including Android and IOS.

We’ll take the scenic route and explain the purpose, rationale and basic configuration of each component that makes up the app along the way. (RequireJS, Backbone.js, Cordova/PhoneGap, Grunt/Bower).

Goodie bag: Leave with a copy of everything you need to get our demo app up and running on your own machine.