Drupal Commerce 2.x on Drupal 8

Presenters: Ryan Szrama

Development of Drupal Commerce 2.x began in Drupal core through contributions to core initiatives and new core modules. As a result, the next version of Drupal Commerce will feature a shrunken codebase thanks to updates to Drupal’s core Entity API and the Entity Reference module, which alone deprecates a significant portion of the Product Reference, Line Item, and Customer modules.

The full Drupal Commerce 2.x roadmap, posted publicly on DrupalCommerce.org, features an overview of the changes we’ll be marking to the architecture of the core Commerce modules in response to the changes already present in Drupal 8. It also features a variety of topically organized tasks we’ve lined up to mitigate the configuration and development challenges our users have faced using Drupal Commerce 1.x.

In this session, Ryan will present the roadmap along with an update of current progress toward a full Drupal Commerce 2.0 release. The session will highlight many of the changes featured in Drupal 8, revealing how they will make the development of robust contributed modules like Drupal Commerce simpler than ever before. The session will close with a description of the best ways to learn more and get involved, with any remaining time used for Commerce Q&A.