Drupal's Destiny

Presenters: Josh Koenig

Drupal has grown over the past decade from dorm-room project to a CMS powerhouse. Now that the project seems to be on the edge of glory, what does the future hold?

In this fast-paced and energetic presentation we’ll examine some key questions:

  • What does the current market for CMS technology look like?
  • How do Drupal’s unique characteristics indicate future opportunities?
  • What are the key challenges facing more widespread Drupal adoption?
  • How does the continuing evolution of the web inform Drupal, and vice versa?
  • What about Drupal 8?

Attendees should come away with a sense of the Drupal project’s trajectory, where it could be headed over the coming years, and most importantly how to get involved with helping to propel it and shape that future.