Import and Map Over 5,000 Points of Interest in 45 Minutes

Presenters: Michael Anello

Drupal is an incredibly powerful content management system with an enourmous number of well-written, extendible, and flexible contributed modules. Learning to be proficient in Drupal core is a great and necessary skill, but learning to leverage contributed modules will really advance your skills to the next level.

This presentation will start with a base Drupal install, some contributed modules, and a .csv file containing a few thosand points of interest (via, and demonstrate how to import build out a fully-functioning site in less than 45 minutes.

Feeds, GeoField, and OpenLayers are just three of the modules that will be used to import, display, and perform proximity searching on the data. No custom coding will be used, the power of Drupal core and contributed modules will provide everything we need.