Life as a Drupal dev: Tips, pitfalls, and workflow

Presenters: Bronius Motekaitis

Typical challenges we face include handling local and remote team collaboration, project juggling, learning curve, and hard walls. Let’s dive into some hit-the-ground, specific concepts and tips to make your next Drupal-based project a success!

  • Developer/Builder tools and techniques like IDE, DevOps, and task management
  • Practical Debugging techniques and demonstrations
  • Gauging an appropriate level of pm and devops for the project/client Btw, Family are clients, too: Their projects will eat you alive if you don’t sandbox and coddle them the same as clients
  • Keeping the client happy
  • Drupal karma

Session Objectives

This is completely a new talk for me and is one I wish I’d heard two years ago.

Attendees will come away with:

  • Conceptual overview of devops and some specific ideas that can be implemented immediately
  • Understanding why devops are important (and when they just get in the way)
  • Understanding why project management is important (and when it can be overkill) and some sample tools to help or what to look for
  • Seeing what makes some IDEs or different editors better that what they may currently be used to
  • Witnessing real debugging techniques like leveraging devel module, dsm
  • Understanding and navigating the layers of the web (external on into lamp stack) to narrow down the issues
  • Boost in confidence that Drupal is the right platform/framework
  • Zeal to participate in the Drupal community (seek more, return more)

This session topic seeks to span boundaries with practical tips and advice with live demos and tidbits to share. It’s a bit overambitious, but I am tired of someone reading over a ppt of bullet points and feeling like I’ve come away with nothing. Real, hands-on demos are what makes ‘cons rock, right?