Omega 3: Use it, don't get used to it

Presenters: Chad Evans

“Omega…” she whispered through her webcam microphone. “Omega! I choose you!” shouted the man sporting cut-off sleeves and a mullet. “Omega?” asked the child entrepreneur quizzically. Then, heard echoing through the labyrinthian matrices of, “Omega” was uttered for the 9872435th time.

It’s all the talk. It’s all the rage. It’s a framework for building adaptive websites without writing a single media query. It’s easy to learn and intuitive to use. It’s well documented. It’s popular. It’s in demand.

But it is not the future.

In the first half of this session, you will learn how to use Omega 3. In the second half, learn about its limitations, both technical and philosophical, and how to overcome them. The second half is more important.

After 50 thrilling minutes, you will know how to use the most talked-about Drupal theme and you will understand why it is not the last theme you will ever use.

Arrive willing to open your third eye to responsive web philosophies and the new wave of post-Omega tools that will make that third eye pop from its imaginary socket.

Run with the crowd, run past the crowd.