Texas Monthly goes digital with Drupal

Presenters: Ryan Krouskup, Chris Kendall, Ethan Worrel, and Sam Martin


Ryan Krouskup
Principal and COO, ENTERMEDIA

Chris Kendall
Principal and Lead Developer, ENTERMEDIA

Ethan Worrel
Principal and Product Owner, ENTERMEDIA

Sam Martin
Director of Digital Strategy, Texas Monthly


Texas Monthly did indeed have a homemade “content-managed” website prior to building their totally re-imagined site in Drupal 7. That scary place is where we will start our panel discussion about a unique redesign project for an iconic Texas magazine. Members of the Texas Monthly digital strategy team and the Entermedia’s development team will discuss the process, challenges, frustrations, and ultimate success they shared in bringing a traditional print media company to a place where they can leverage their online presence as a true asset.

The panel will cover the following topics and then encourage the audience to participate via Q & A:

  • Good luck with that - How to make everyone happy in a multi-stakeholder project
  • Migration strategy - dealing with 40 disparate databases and loads of technical “debt”
  • Can’t we have it all? The realities of scope, time, and budget
  • Customizing a Drupal editorial workflow that plays nice with a long established offline editorial workflow
  • Panels – what would we do without them?!?!
  • Must be pixel perfect – the challenge of design and build for an extremely brand sensitive client
  • 3rd party integration – subscription management, ad serving, email marketing, and more
  • Module customization for story, channel, and tile promotion