Why we chose Meteor and what a Drupal/Meteor love child might look like

Presenters: Casey Cobb, Stephen Pope

In this talk, we’ll discuss some thoughts on why we have really enjoyed working in the Meteor Node.js framework and what we think Drupal and Meteor could learn from each other.

The audience will take away knowledge about the following:

  1. The advantages of a client-side templating engine
  2. How event-driven applications will blow up your mind
  3. How Drupal’s hook system could be improved by adopting the more event-driven approach; aka, how to tame the wild Drupal beast.
  4. The challenges of architecting data in Mongodb.
  5. How Node.js frameworks will steal Drupal’s magic (what is this heresy?!) in the coming years unless Drupal incorporates (and/or continues to incorporate) some of these elements.

Our hope is that by looking at some of the cutting edge stuff out there, we can start a dialog about how Drupal could be improved if it is to remain in the forefront moving forward.