Panels for Themers - Creating Highly Flexible Layouts


  • Day: Saturday
  • Start time: 1:30pm
  • Room: Room 11A

With the power of Panels, you never have to make a .tpl file ever again! Okay, that’s not true at all, but what Panels does give you is the ability you to create Drupal aware layouts that can be reused between dozens of other sites. If you create custom Panel pages per-content type, per-node, per-anything (instead of custom .tpl’s for each) you will significantly reduce the number of .tpls you have to keep create and keep track of while saving a significant amount of time. Say goodbye to crowded templates folders!


No knowledge of PHP is required, but a willingness to learn and elementary understanding of programming languages is a necessity. Proficiency in CSS and HTML are required for theming, but only an understanding is required for this workshop. Experience with Drupal configuration and use of contributed modules/themes is helpful for understanding the concepts of theme development.